In the Media

Articles and dossiers on the Forum “Europe Lab” and its project initiatives

Opening Minds and Memorials (Wechange, September 2018)

Spotlight on Chechnya: Talking Buildings (Retrograd, January-April 2018)

Solidarity Kaliningrad –Gdansk: A project initiative by Europe Lab Alumni (Gazeta Wyborcza, January 2018, in Polish)

Film about the Forum for Young Professionals “Europe Lab” 2017 (Wechange, November 2017)

What remains of the civil society museum Perm-36? (TAZ. Die Tageszeitung on 100 years of Russian Revolution and the Gulag and Memorial Perm-36, November 2017, in German)

#Europe Lab: July Agreement in #Gdańsk
(EU Reporter, 01.08.2017)

How To Save Poland’s Democracy
(Wechange, 31.07.2017)

Interview with Adam Michnik on the Opening of Europe Lab in Gdańsk (Gazeta Wyborza, 30.07.2017, in Polish)

Civil society forum in Raseiniai brings together young professionals from Central and Eastern Europe (EN DELFI, 25.07.2015)

Young Volgograd professionals rethink urban space at the Europe Lab forum (В1.ру, 22.07.2015, in Russian)