Europe Lab 2018: Three Projects Selected for Funding

Following the successful fourth edition of the annual “Europe Lab” Forum in Pitești this July, the Jury has chosen the best projects, who will be funded by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. This year, the forum participants have demonstrated their strong and serious efforts in initiating inspiring and creative projects. However, our Jury had to select three winning projects, and on the 6th of September, Imprisoned Youth, LOUDER and We Accept were picked as the best initiatives to receive funding.

Imprisoned Youth

The project “Imprisoned Youth” aims to narrate the story of the short 20th century through the memories of ten young political prisoners from Belgium to Siberia. The project is being dedicated to all young activists being imprisoned these days for their political beliefs and actions. By showcasing and publishing the personal stories on an easily accessible online multimedia platform, the project aims to enhance the engagement of young people by increasing their political awareness and interest in civil activism. Organizers aim to achieve their goals through a social media campaign and strong cooperation with local schools, universities and various youth associations.


LOUDER is a community-building art project designed to create an inclusive visual platform for citizens’ artwork with the aim to expose social and cultural challenges, enhance visibility of prejudices and bring awareness about diversity and intersectionality. The project will be implemented online via a powerful social media campaign, and offline through various exhibitions organized in Russia, Finland and Romania. LOUDER aims to develop a platform equipped with tools, inspiration and good practices for activists and NGOs from the EU and Russia to use and multiply within their respective communities.

We Accept

The project’s goal is to give a stronger voice to the LGBT+ community in less welcoming countries. By narrating inspiring, empowering and honest stories from individuals, who have decided to be more open in a hostile environment, We Accept seeks to raise awareness about the damage and difficulties surrounding the spread of homophobia and transphobia. The main goal is to share these stories online and demonstrate that overcoming these problems is one of the crucial steps of society’s progress forward. Organizers hope that their project will motivate the other members of the LGBT+ community to be more open as well.

We Accept is funded by the supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Moscow.


Final results of the projects’ work will be presented at the 9th General Assembly of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum on May 2019.

The Forum for Young Professionals “Europe Lab” 2018 was organised by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum in cooperation with the Pitești Prison Memorial, INLAR, DRA / German-Russian Exchange, Competendo and the University of Pitești. The Project was supported by the European Commission and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The media partner was the WECHANGE Platform.

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