LOUDER has launched an interviews section on their website

We are happy to announce the recent update of our follow-up project – LOUDER.  The interviews section, which now includes 4 interviews, was launched on the site of the project.

LOUDER interviews gather contributions from activists, community organizers and civil society professionals from Romania, Finland, Russia and all over the world. Patrick Braila, Bianca Constantin, Ionela Ciolan from Romania and Vsevolod Chernozub from Russia share their values, interests, ideas and provide some inspirational stories basing on their personal experience.  LOUDER makes voices and stories of people working in civil society heard and illustrates their experiences with using art as a way to bring awareness and social change. So what role does art play?

Bianca Constantin: “Art enriches our hearts and souls and makes us better creative community problem solvers […]“

Patrick Braila: Art per se might not be able to change mentalities, but it can challenge them. It can open a dialogue, it can raise questions.“      

Ionela Ciolan: “Art was and is an important messenger for depicting or inspiring for a better society.“

Vsevolod Chernozub:“Working with Russian people is a way to survive as an activist, to have a little influence on what is happening in my country.“

Read more about how can art contribute to a better community and about the role of art in the lives of interviewees: LOUDER Interview section.

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