Workshops 2016

Wars after 1989 – Is There a Chance for Reconciliation?

Workshop coordinator: Vesna Teršelič, Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past (Croatia)

Workshop on Wars after 1989 started with the case studies of different conflicts of recent time (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Abkhazia, Ukraine and Russia). Within this workshop the participants reflected together on current challenges to the trust-building practices. Finally, they tried to find an answer to the question: How can we acknowledge the suffering of the victims, deal with painful past and continue building peace in the world?

Brave New Media – A Jilted Generation

Workshop coordinator: Veronika Menjoun, Project Manager, Fojo Media Institute (Sweden)

In this workshop the participants took a look at contemporary media from two sides. On the one hand, participants learned how to plan, produce and present multimedia projects on discussed issues and created a network for exchange of the materials. They got to know some important tools of visual storytelling and identified ideas for common projects in small working groups. On the other hand, they also touched upon the very current debate of distorting facts by the media and how conflicts, crises and certain national issues are covered by the media. Besides the practical work, the workshop included lectures on certain issues, such as the importance of civic journalism.

Refugees (Un)Welcome – Caught in a Trafficking Jam

Workshop coordinator: Ralph du Long, lawyer, UNITED for Intercultural Action (The Netherlands)

The so-called refugee crisis is high on the political agenda of many countries. It has been called a crisis with a further-reaching impact than the Greek crisis, a crisis that is testing all values and treaties the EU has been built on. It is definite that this problem has many facets. And for sure, it does not only concern the EU, but many other regions as well, including Russia. During this workshop the participants broke down the refugee-crisis, focused on the most problematic issues and proposed specific actions to improve the situation.

Social Entrepreneurship – Rooted in Community

Workshop coordinator: Anastasia Gulyavina, Impact Hub Moscow (Russia)

The topic of changing our societies via Social Entrepreneurship has become more and more important in the last few years. All over the world, curious, brave and open-minded social innovators and change-makers are developing their visions for sustainable future communities.

In the framework of this workshop the participants defined current challenges in their communities and approached them with the necessary creative instruments. They generated project ideas in small working groups to come up with innovative solutions with regard to social and ecological problems in Europe. Apart from the practical work, the workshop group payed a visit to several social entrepreneur projects in Vukovar to meet socially involved local activists and representatives of NGOs.