Voices of Change (2017 – ongoing)

The project aims to show stories of politically active young people from post-communist countries. The project team cooperated with aspiring journalists from respective countries. Selected participants interviewed local activists to share their stories with the Western audience who often fail to understand political and social processes taking place in Eastern Europe. 10 selected journalists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Hungary and Poland researched and wrote stories about young change-makers from their countries. The project included a research trip to Belarus, where the coordinators met with local activists and created several stories.

Read all stories and hear all voices on the Website and Facebook page.

Project team: Natalia Smolentceva, Russia/Germany

Varvara Morozova, Russia/Germany

Maria Baldovin, Italy

Murat Ambarian, Russia


Talking Buildings from Soviet Chechnya (2017-2018)

The objective of the project is to record and share women voices and experiences through the prism of Soviet architecture in the Chechen Republic. Using an interactive storytelling format, the project aims to breathe life into the architectural remnants from the Soviet Union. The buildings chosen for the project are the women’s former workplaces. The narrative will cover dilemmas faced by the Chechen women, who actively participated in the Soviet society but also respected the traditional and Islamic way of life in their families.

You can find more information about this project on the website of Retrograd.

The project was supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Moscow.

Project team: Asia Umarova, Russia

Oksana Manchak, Germany

Johanna Pruessing, Germany/Poland


Human Faces of Conflicts (2016)

The project was initiated as an online platform providing video and written stories of people involved in conflicts within the Balkans, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. The project sought to show the human faces of conflicts and to encourage reflection by sharing personal experiences of people on the “other” conflicting side. Ultimately, the main goal was to counteract the equating of “others” to “enemies”, which is at the core of most regional conflicts.

Project Team: Zurab Aznaurashvili, Georgia

Tatevik Bijoyan, Russia/Armenia

Serena Bonato, Italy

Oleksandra Garshyna, Ukraine

Irina Kniazeva, Germany/Russia

Michael E. Lambert, France

Claire Liu, United Kingdom

Sarah Pagung, Germany

Liubov Vnukova, Russia