Urban Space & Environment

City Future Imaginarium (2017 – ongoing)

City Future Imaginarium is a platform for a joint discussion on views of the future of the cities we live in. The project aimed to find a method to make residents proud of their living space. The ultimate goal was to show people that positive change is possible by giving voice to the locals, encouraging and inspiring them with possible pictures of future for their neighbourhood. City Future Imaginarium connects locals, artists, designers and architects by organizing workshops on future planning. The coordinators of the project also set up a series of educational master classes at schools in Moscow that inspired the young generation to take care of their urban environment.

You can learn more about this project and take part in the survey on its Website and Facebook page.

Project team: Alexander Rusanov, Russia

Pauliina Lukinmaa, Finland


Playhellocity  (2015-2016)

Are you fed up with the grey urban routine? Are you bored of the apathy and loners? Stir up your city and recover your positive energy. Fling yourself into the joy of play and the exciting adventures of your fresh urban life! By creating gamelike interventions the Project aims to challenge people to try out various strategies to build a more coherent community, increase social cohesion, interaction and cooperation between citizens sharing the same neighbourhood. The game was played in many cities across Europe, for example, Perm, Minsk and Pécs.

Find out more and play the game yourself on the Homepage

Project Team: Anna Szilágyi-Nagy, Hungary

Ahniya Asanovich, Belarus

Anna Fadeeva, Russia

Ksenia Stepanenko, Russia


Greening the City (2017)

This project suggested a trilateral exchange program for civil society representatives from Russia, Ukraine and Germany, who work in the field of ecology, urbanism and culture. The central point for this project was Berlin as it demonstrated one of the development paths Kyiv and St. Petersburg could take in regards to green urban planning. This exchange experience helped to develop participants’ cities and achieve the desired change faster.

Project team: Ksenia Gavrikova, Russia

Valentyn Nyzkovolosov, Ukraine

Katharina Hock, Germany