Venue 2018

 The main venue of Europe Lab 2018 was
the PITEŞTI Prison Memorial.

Piteşti Prison Memorial is a museum and foundation opened to the public in 2014, which develops educational and cultural projects on issues related to the Romanian anti-communist political detention. The Memorial’s mission is to research and document the Piteşti Prison, study the communist system and honour the memory of people who have suffered or lost their lives in communist prisons.

The Prison was built between 1937 – 1941 and functioned as a prison until 1977. After August 23, 1944 the number of political prisoners increased substantially, until it reached 80%. Over 600 students-members of the Legionary Movement and other political parties and anti- communist organizations were tortured by the communists between 1949-1951.  From spring 1949 until August 1951, the Piteşti Prison housed the most violent action in the communist world – Pitesti Phenomenon.