Alumnus 2017: Alexander Rusanov

Alumnus 2017: Alexander Rusanov

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, research engineer (Russian Federation)

Could you describe yourself in 3 words?

  • Friendly
  • Responsible
  • Cheerful

What drives you in your everyday work?

Motivation of self-development and desire to make the world a better place as much as possible.

What kind of change do you want to bring to your local level?

Improving the quality of education in various fields. I think that education is the basis of development of any society at any level.

What idea of Europe do you wish and fight for?

Conscious approach to education of children. If we want to fight for better future, we should start with our children.

In your opinion, which strategies could be used by NGOs to influence the decision making in international bodies?

Cooperation and joint decision-making.

What inspired you the most about being a part of Europe Lab?

Being a part of the team of young motivated people. Thanks to Jonas and Inese we had really inspiring workshop and had a lot of fun especially during communication with local people in Gdansk.