Content and idea-related questions

  • Are there any precise requirements on the topic and overall theme?
    We are open to all topics that you think haven’t been dealt with yet or haven’t been dealt much. It is an international project, so it is important to elaborate on it from different perspectives.
  • Due to the fact that the project team has to be international, does it mean that the project has to include peculiarities and specifics of each country?
    No, not necessarily. But it means that some kind of activities should take place in every country.
  • What is the available time for installation according to the program?
    It has not been fully planned yet and will be answered later.
  • Do we need to think about the performative part of the project, how to present and exhibit it?
    All details about the venue, times, etc. will be discussed at a later stage. However, it makes sense to include ideas on how to present your project in the application.
  • What are the proposal expectations? To which extend it has to be precise?
    It is more about an idea formulation, so it is better to concentrate on the main parts, the core of a project.

Technical questions

  • What is the deadline for applications?
    It is the 6th of December 2020, midnight CET.
  • If my team was short-listed, does it mean we are selected?
    No, it means that short-listed projects will be taken into closer consideration and get the chance to submit the whole application.
  • Are there any limitations with regard to the budget categories?
    No, there are no limitations for this first stage of the proposals. After being short-listed a proper budget needs to be formulated.
  • What are the expectations for the video part of the application?
    This is a video pitch where you need to explain your chore idea in 90 sec., we do not judge the quality of the video (low resolution please), but only look at the content.
  • Is it possible that a project is part of another funding as well?
    It is possible as long as it stays under the Europe Lab program and presented in the Netherlands.
  • Is the trip to the Netherlands included in the provided grant?
    If the circumstances allow, at least two members of each team will travel to the Netherlands and there is no need then to include it into the budget.
  • Are all taxes included in the budget?
  • Is there a budget template already?
    No, not yet. This will be only for short-listed candidates.
  • What kind of report do we need to provide afterward?
    This report has to include all the financial matters and narrative part to explain what was the goal, what was achieved etc.
  • Can I submit my application as an individual?
    You can apply either as an organization or as an individual.
  • Are there any advices with regard to COVID-19? Does it make sense to form a large team? Do we have to plan it online, offline, or hybrid?
    There are no particular advices as up until now it is planned to be offline. For the sketch round, you do not need to include specific details. At a later stage, we can together re-formulate the projects in case the whole event needs to take place online.
  • Is it possible to include contributors from the UK?