Cross-Cultural Initiatives

Nurturing Memories (2019 – ongoing)

This documentary film explores how local food markets in Bordeaux (France) and Saint Petersburg (Russia) have transformed over the past few decades — through the eyes of female workers. The project aims not only to confront personal memories with the current and past reality of local markets but also trace changes in gender politics, socio-economic development, and urban communal space. This documentary gives a voice to women who are local community actors, bring awareness towards the disappearance of memories of the working class and citizens in Europe/Russia, as well as gather people through two local events in our respective towns to enhance cultural and social exchanges.

Project Team: 

Elise Daniaud (France/Lebanon), Daniel Kopp (Germany/Belgium), Vega Levaillant (France), Marina Bulavskaia (Russia)

LOUDER (2018 – ongoing)

LOUDER is a community-building art project designed to create an inclusive visual platform for citizens’ artwork with the aim to expose social and cultural challenges, enhance visibility of prejudices and bring awareness about diversity and intersectionality. The project will be implemented online via a powerful social media campaign, and offline through various exhibitions organized in Russia, Finland and Romania. LOUDER aims to develop a platform equipped with tools, inspiration and good practices for activists and NGOs from the EU and Russia to use and multiply within their respective communities.

Project Team: 

Andreea Toma (Romania), Anton Mozgunov (Russia), Saara Heinola (Finland)


Solidarity Kaliningrad-Gdańsk (2017-2018)

This educational project’s goal was to highlight the importance of cultural and civic ties between the border cities in the Baltic region using the example of Kaliningrad and Gdansk. As a part of this project, several school pupils from the small town of Chernyakhovsk visited the European Solidarity Centre in Poland, where they learnt about the history of the Solidarność Movement and principles of democracy. Besides the achieved educational mission, the project also managed to establish productive partnerships with the European Solidarity Centre, Administration of the city Chernyakhovsk and the Polish Consulate. The project team envisions several other initiatives in the future that aim to bridge the gap of cultural knowledge between the citizens of Kaliningrad and Gdańsk.

Project Team:

Evgenii Emelyanov (Russia), Kristina Vladykina (Russia), Vsevolod Chernozub (Lithuania), Daria Iakovleva (Russia)

Article on the project in newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza


‘I Do Care’ – International Movie Nights (2016 – ongoing)

The idea behind the project is to organise the international movie nights to support communication between such countries as Ukraine, Russia and Germany. To break stereotypes and to find common solutions for the same social, ecological and human rights problems – this is the main aim of the project. By means of documentaries, the organisers create an alternative mean of cognition for people, who want to see one situation from different sides. Discussions with film directors after the screenings are an important part of the programme as well. Screenings took place in Leipzig, Dnipro, Saint Petersburg and Vologda.

Project Team:

Karina Bakhteeva (Ukraine/Germany), Viacheslav Gorev (Russia), Gabriel Rabosh (Russia)


Meet my City (2015-2016)

Social exclusion of migrants is a problem worldwide. The fact that migrants are not familiar with the cities they (more or less permanently) reside in makes their social inclusion even more difficult. Migrants’ unfamiliarity with the place of their residence consists in lack of not only historic and cultural but also everyday knowledge: where to go to on Sunday evening, what to do on weekend with children, how to spend leisure time or what is the best pharmacy in the area. All these factors, accompanied by migrants’ poor language skills, result in migrants and local communities living in parallel worlds, with no bridges between them. Meet my City is getting different people from one city together: People from different backgrounds meet. They show each other the hometown where they live in so-called  personalized guided tours. Tours took place in Stockholm, Perm, Gdansk, Berlin and many more cities all over Europe.

Project Team:

Julia Eriksson Pogorzelska (Sweden), Victoria Ariel Bittner (Turkey), Vladimir Kiselev (Russia), Ekaterina Klimenko (Russia), Kristina Milkeraitytė (Lithuania), Anna Müller (Germany), Maria Oborina (Russia), Leszek Pochron-Frankowski (Poland), Sergey Simonov (Russia)