Legal Initiatives

International Network on Legal Assistance to Refugees (INLAR) (2016 – ongoing)

The INLAR initiative emerged as a counter-measure to the lack of a comprehensive cooperation mechanisms between lawyers and NGOs providing legal assistance to refugees. It incentivises lawyers and professional to join a pro bono assistance network. The aim of the project is to create an international network of legal specialists and organisations. INLAR has developed a unique website designed in number of languages that contains an online map of volunteer lawyers and legal professionals in the pilot target countries, namely Poland, Romania and Russia.

The team of INLAR has become an independent organisation and keeps on connecting legal professionals helping refugees, migrants, asylum seekers to guarantee access to justice for all.

Project Team:

Bianca Constantin (Romania), Karina Levina (Russia), Aleksandra Pulchny (Poland), Oleksandra Zmiyenko (Poland), Natalia Zviagina (Russia)

Free to Move: Say ‘Yes!’ to liberal visa package! (2015-2016)

Current Schengen visa rules are over-excessive and burdensome for foreign nationals who are subject to visa in order to enter the EU. In order to improve this situation, in 2014 the European Commission came up with a legal proposal to facilitate Schengen visa rules for third-country nationals. More liberal visa rules are meant, on the one hand, to save time and money to foreign travellers, and to bring more money into the EU by expanding touristic flows, on the other. Currently, the European Parliament and the EU Council deliberate this proposal. The idea of the project is to twofold: first, to raise awareness of the public; second, to push the members of the European Parliament to approve for the most liberal version of the EU Visa Code possible.

Project Team:

Clio Flego (Italy), Ewa Zukowska (Poland), Andrei Yeliseyeu (Belarus), Aigulle Sembaeva (Russia), Oksana Myronko (Ukraine), Tristan Barber (Belgium)