Venue 2015

The main venue of Europe Lab 2015 was
the Raseiniai Local History Museum.

Raseiniai Regional History Museum was established in 1975 in a former arrest house (Soviet prison of political prisoners) (1930–1952).

The specifics of Raseiniai Arrest House was different from other Lithuanian arrest houses. Since 1932 there had been a concentration of young people, mostly communists, from all over Lithuania. Later on, during the years of Soviet and Nazi occupations, the people of Raseiniai County, who opposed the published ideology, were interrogated in prison and awaited a sentence.In 1952 the Arrest House was transformed into a re-education institution for juvenile offenders, where in 1953 a professional technical school was established.

After the reconstruction of 1985 – 1987, the central building of the arrest house became the permanent seat of the Raseiniai Museum and in 1992 the first 5 exhibitions were opened  to reflect the history of Raseiniai region.